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Sprite Alpine 4 2010


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Manufacturer: Sprite

Berth: 4 Berth

Year: 2010

Type: Caravans

Condition: Used

Layout: Fixed side bed

Dimensions: 6.45mx2.23mx2.59 (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1230

Warranty: Yes

MIRO: 1001kg

Axles: 1

Payload: 126kg

Configuration: Fixed bed


Sprite Alpine 4 2010


The short-front-settee, fixed-bed layout has established itself as a favourite. Its chief appeal is, naturally, to couples – but it’s nonetheless a four-berth; you do have the option of sleeping two small children on those short settees or turning the area into a double bed. Call it a two-plus-two if you like.

This layout has overtaken the standard end-kitchen and end-washroom two-berth in popularity terms. And for good reasons. Fixed bed luxury in a body length of only 4.7m is some achievement in design terms.

The Alpine 4 continues through to 2010 with more specification, a new look – and still with a sub-£11,000 price ticket.
Specification now includes a directional Status 530 aerial replacing last year’s omnidirectional type. There’s a microwave housing above the hob (dealers can arrange fitting if you choose to buy a microwave). The list includes concealed positive-click catches on handleless locker doors – and full-length drop flaps to the front lower lockers.

But there’s more in store if you choose to spend a little extra money. Alloy wheels and AL-KO Secure wheel lock receivers are part of a £390 Diamond Pack. Take it from us, you’ll want to go this extra money mile because those receivers can save you money. Buy the AL-KO lock (about £200) and you will get chunks off your annual insurance bill from most caravan insurance specialists. The pack also includes something totally vital – a spare wheel and carrier.

The Alpine 4’s new look gives it upholstery that uses slashes of grey and bits of nut brown to inject refreshing modernity into the ever-popular creams and browns. You get superbly eye-catching bronze graphics and raised silver wording on the exterior. The fridge gets a curved, silver front for 2010, under a worksurface that’s generous considering the interior length is only 4.7m.

But there’s more than silver-fronted fridge to woo you in style terms. We’ve always liked Swift’s enormous circular sinks – this year they go one better, they’re grey granite-effect that looks top quality and top style.
The shower shares its room with the toilet. Just forward of the shower room is a vanity area that makes good of limited space.

Space, though, is a bit of an issue in the front of the caravan. It didn’t take us long to discover that, if you sit at the front of these settees, you have to be very careful how you stand up if you’re tall, otherwise you hit your head on the locker above. The Alpine isn’t alone in presenting this hazard, of course – you’ll find the same situation in most short-settee caravans. We think it’s fair to say that, once you’re aware of it, you’ll be more careful each time you stand up than we were during our day’s test!

Light floods in through that lovely one-piece window – and light of the mains electricity variety forms part of the new-for 2010-décor in the form of a large square light between the two front head lockers.

Anything we didn’t like about the Alpine 4 (apart from the need to keep our heads down and be more careful)? There is – but it’s very minor. The table is housed to the right of the grill and oven. There’s no door on this compartment and we think an otherwise excellent package would be completed by this small addition.