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Sterling Eccles 90 Jewel 2009


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Manufacturer: Sterling

Berth: 4 Berth

Year: 2009

Type: Caravans

Condition: Used

Layout: Fixed bed end washroom.

Dimensions: 7.18mx2.29mx2.59m (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1500kg

Warranty: Yes

MIRO: 1294kg

Axles: 1

Payload: 206kg

Configuration: Fixed bed


Sterling Eccles 90 Jewel 2009

Sterling Eccles Jewel exterior

On paper, the Sterling Eccles Jewel is indistinguishable from any other caravan in its range.

But step inside and you’ll notice its décor, particularly the woodwork that is like nothing else in caravans.

It’s pale (manufacturer Swift calls it Oregon Pine) and it’s teamed with dark brown work surfaces and locker edges. The result is an amazingly stunning and modern look that is right at the top of the design and quality tree.

Specification is high and includes an insulated, 40-litre inboard water tank that’s slung under the floor so it doesn’t steal locker space.

Sterling Eccles Jewel Washroom
Sterling Eccles Jewel washroom

You get a PIR and tilt-sensor alarm system. The shower (although it’s shared with the toilet) is fully plastic-lined and divisible by a sturdy bi-fold plastic door. The carpet is 45oz pile weight and the vinyl floorcovering looks great, too.

You have a deep, sprung, comfortable mattress and the wardrobe has a good hanging width and length plus three massive shelves below. And the wardrobe is properly rectangular.

The vanity area, just behind the wardrobe, is reasonably spacious, there are two good-sized mirrors and a capacious cupboard under the washbasin.

In the kitchen you’ll find one slim cupboard between the fridge and the oven, with one small cutlery drawer. There are also two more (much larger) drawers and two good-sized cupboards in a dresser-style unit that also houses a microwave and the heater.

Sterling Eccles Jewel Lounge
Sterling Eccles Jewel lounge

And it’s in this area that your thoughts will turn back to the stunning looks of the Jewel. Look up to the top of the locker to the right of the microwave and you’ll see a fluorescent strip of warm-hue light.

Below this locker is a neat circular spotlight directing a beam down onto the work surface. Investigate the Jewel’s lighting design more and you’ll find that fluorescent strips define the tops of two of the lockers above the bed and also those atop the kitchen. Four tiny LED spotlights direct pools of light into the lounge and two more over the bed.

So, the Jewel’s luxury look will impress you. Its fabrics and build quality are high. And, while we’re on the subject of high things, you’ll notice that the door is taller this year by 8cm; it’s also 4.5cm wider.

Sterling Eccles Jewel Bedroom
Sterling Eccles Jewel bedroom

Further improvements over the 2009 model are an exterior barbecue point, heavy duty corner steadies – and a big round sink that looks like polished granite.

So, you have ample kitchen surface space (when you include the unit opposite, you have a mains hotplate as well as three burners, a shiny grey bow-fronted fridge with LED display – and more lighting style above in the form of twin LED spotlights set into a glass plinth that’s neat and smart. A duplicate light unit sits centrally above the lounge drawer unit.


The Jewel is a popular layout with bags of style and bags of specification (including AL-KO Secure wheel lock receivers and five mains sockets). Overall, it is an excellent package.