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Sterling Eccles Jade SE 2013


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Manufacturer: Sterling

Berth: 4 Berth

Year: 2013

Type: Caravans

Condition: Used

Layout: Twin lounge rear washroom

Dimensions: 7.25x2.25x2.65m (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1500kg

Warranty: Yes

MIRO: 1347kg

Axles: 1

Payload: 153kg

Configuration: Rear washroom


Sterling Eccles Jade SE 2013

Sterling Eccles Jade SE

Another family-centric tourer, the four-berth Sterling Eccles Jade SE is designed with front parallel seating, an end washroom and side wrap around dinette as standard.

Featuring an exclusive alloy wheel system and LED outside light with key-fob control, the interior of the caravan comes in an Italian Ash woodgrain finish with cream lock door infills, new furniture designs and complementary fabrics.

New technological additions include a 110-litre Dometic 8-Series model fridge which boasts an interior light and removable freezer compartment, as well as heated towel rails in the washroom and the latest Omnivent three-speed, two way roof fan.

The tourer also includes the advanced Alde radiator central heating system, which is the first of its kind to be fitted in a tourer in this price range. Powered by gas or mains electric, this state-of-the-art device boast three variable power settings and can be programmed on a daily basis using the advanced touch-screen control unit.

New fabric roller blinds have been fitted and lighting fixtures have been added with LED under-worktop lights, back-lit washroom mirrors and an LED back-lit kitchen splash-back along with a wardrobe illumination.

Other additions include front access flaps in all seats and beds and a lift up sink extension. The tourer comes with a Thatcham Tracker Retrieve system also comes as standard.

  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 1,495kg
  • Internal Headroom: 6’5″
  • Shipping length: 23’9″
  • Awning Size 996cm

For more details, news, rumour and discussions on the Sterling Eccles Jade SE, join our community group for Sterling Caravan Owners.

“SE” to denote the high equipment level, they share the same body shell with a dramatically raked front, topped by a panoramic roof window. But very different, modern graphics schemes identify the Swift and Eccles brands. They also sport an exclusive alloy wheel design and a key-fob control for the LED outside light.

Inside, new furniture design combines with contemporary fabrics to create a spacious and luxurious feel, and the Sterlings’ Italian Ash wood-grain finish, with chrome detailing, really is stunning.

But the really big news is hidden – Swift has equipped these new ranges with the sought-after Alde radiator central heating system, a first for ‘vans in this price range. It’s powered by gas or by mains electric, with variable power settings up to 3KW. And daily programmes can be set with the new, more user friendly ‘touch’ control panel that is exclusive to the Swift Group. So, all year round comfort is assured.

Supporting the drive for renewable energy and enhancing independence, a 20 watt, roof-mounted solar panel is fitted as standard. In sunshine or bright daylight it will top up the leisure battery when caravanning without mains hook-up or when the van’s left in storage.

The low energy lighting system with over-locker ambient illumination is carried forward from previous models, but new for 2013 are: an LED back-lit kitchen splash-back, LED under-worktop lights, low level night lights, wardrobe illumination and back-lit mirrors in washrooms. Other luxury touches in the washroom are fabric roller blinds and, heated towel rails in all models.

The fridge has been upgraded to the stylish-looking 110-litre Dometic 8-Series model. It’s got an interior light and the flexibility of a removable freezer compartment. Also new in the kitchen is the latest Omnivent 3-speed, 2-way roof fan. Storage details have been priority – moulded pockets are set into the front locker corners, seats and beds have front access flaps and there’s even a second cutlery drawer above the fridge, and an extension flap to increase kitchen work surface.

Winning combination, Staggering weight savings, Increased level of specification, Including Alde, tracker, solar


Star van: Eccles Jade SE

The all-new upper mid-sector SE ranges — Swift Challenger and Sterling Eccles — are radically improved for 2013, and we reckon the all-new, single-axle Jade SE layout showcases the bells and whistles to best effect within a practical family van.