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Teardrop Caravan.



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Manufacturer: Basoglu

Berth: 2 Berth

Year: 2008

Type: Caravans

Condition: Used

Layout: Two berth

Colour: White

MTPLM: 4000kg

Warranty: yes

MIRO: 350kg

Axles: 1

Payload: kg

Special Price: £3450


Teardrop Caravan.

The Turtle 1200 Teardrop Trailer Overview

The teardrop caravan is not a new theme but from the thirties. It became popular in the USA but now thanks to Bagalou of Turkey having 30 years in the caravan industry it is popular again here. The Turtle 1200 is a small caravan, in fact most items you find in a caravan are in it, a fridge at the rear, sockets, lights, and a battery in the front locker, you just can’t stand up in it. The model I had,  had Pirelli tyres, 13 inch wheels and weighed in at 420 kg. The length is 14ft approx by 5ft width and 5ft height. Aimed at the couple not ready for a caravans but perhaps wanting one, it has a comfortable bed made up with three foam mattresses. The unit has a built in ariel for TV  but this is an optional extra. Two doors each with a pocket for items to be stored, it also has sliding windows useful when air is needed. The rear has cupboards as does the inside of the unit. Towing is ok, however the ride can be bouncy on some roads. It scores on its small area, being easily able to get through gaps a larger unit would not.

Condensation is a problem, however the roof vent helps here and it is very warm on a cold night. Quality issues are the chassis does rust and the rear number plate light is poorly fitted, as is the awning light which like the rear lights collect water.  The fridge worked well and the toilet and cooker were useful. The freedom range of caravans is also tempting as not much more in money and more user friendly. The pros are good for a couple, small and easy to tow, cons no brake, can not stand up in it and some quality issues which may by now have been sorted as this was a 2007 model. I would rate this a 8/10 it does a good job in a small package. I found it good and if I had more space would perhaps get another.