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Elddis Chatsworth 515



Year: 2012

Layout: twin lounge

Dimensions: 7.34x2.24x2.60m (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1470kg

Warranty: YES

MIRO: 1305kg

Payload: 165kg


Elddis Chatsworth 515


The Glossop Caravans special edition Elddis Chatsworth 515 gives you £2577 of extra equipment for just £496 more than the price of the standard Elddis Avanté 515 caravan on which it is based

Many caravans have a twin-lounge layout but not all boast as large a kitchen as the 515.

This amount of storage plus the fact it has beds for five, a full-length lounge and a separate shower make it feel more spacious than its five and half metre length would at first suggest.

Elddis Avante 515 Caravan Lounge Seating

It feels bigger because of it has a lounge at each end – a design that allows kids to have their own space.

Elddis Avante 515 Caravan Kitchen and Lounge

The amount of kitchen storage space comes in the form of a floor-level cupboard with two shelf areas plus two good-sized drawers. Upper storage is great, too. The two cabinets are deep and wide.

One’s fitted for plates and mugs and the other is just a great big, useful void.

The shower compartment, with its separate shower and substantial bi-fold door that glides on robust runners and its ample space for washing and dressing is enough to convince you, yet again, that the 515 achieves a lot in a short length.

Quality is evident in every bit of every component you look at. Hinges are huge, catches are there to ensure none of the top lockers dares to spring open if you encounter a vicious speed hump and we found the wide apertures of the drop-down doors to the under-settee lockers made getting bedding in and out easy.

Though its light colour scheme are factors in making this caravan look larger than it is, the main reason is the shape of the wardrobe, angled to create more floor space and minimise the effect of inevitable bulk of the shower room and wardrobe that conspire together to cut a layout like this into two sections.

Despite the angled shape, the wardrobe is enormous.

The caravan sleeps five on a double at the rear plus a bunk and two adult-length singles or a double at the front.

Elddis Avante 515 Caravan Kitchen

The rear can be left made up as a bedroom or used as a big, open-plan family holiday environment where each age group has its own space. The chef among you gets plenty of space in the middle too!

Elddis also offers BPW’s iDC as an optional extra on the Avante. If purchased this clever piece of kit that is designed to prevent snaking will not only add piece of mind whilst towing but will also bag owners a sizeable caravan insurance discount.


The Avanté range is light, bright, modern, inexpensive and practical.

You get a lot for your money in a 515 – a lot of space, a lot of build quality and a lot of flexibility in how you can use the caravan.