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Knaus Starclass 470



Year: 2007

Layout: Rear washroom 2 berth

Dimensions: 6.67x2.30x2.61m (LxWxH)

Colour: Gray

MTPLM: 1500kg

Warranty: YES

MIRO: 1326kg

Payload: 174kg


Knaus Starclass 470

New Mover fitted with addition cost of £750. if required 

Berths: 2  Internal length: 4.70m  External length: 6.67m  MTPLM: 1,500kg  MIRO: 1,320kg
+ To describe it as stylish would be an under statement; excellent throughout
–  Only the weight could possibly deter you from buying it

Mart says
The 470 has a door on the UK near side and was designed exclusively for the British market. It has to be one of the most impressive two-berths I have ever seen, although it does feel rather unpatriotic to admit this. Look at the sheer quality of the superbly engineered door; you could fill a page on that alone, from its robust hinges to its heavy duty security bolt. Whereas some German caravans can look – well, Germanic, this one looks more like a high quality product from the land of Ikea, with a colour scheme of peaches and cream, fronted by a broad window shelf and truly massive front lockers. Everything is better than it really needed to be, which is why you will have to accept that extra weight. There are nine down-lights fitted underneath lockers, all halogen bulbs, but LED clusters are available that will slot straight in.

I can only conclude by saying that if your vehicle can tow it, you would have to be mad to pass by on a chance to own one of these increasingly rare caravans. It is is superb condition,  and it could be a very long time before you find any caravan offering so much for such a very low price.