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Calor Gas cuts its cylinder range

23rd April 2023

Calor Gas has announced that from 1 February 2023, the company will be discontinuing a number of cylinders from its range, which will likely impact Club members.

Calor Gas users will no longer be able to buy new cylinders, or exchange existing cylinders for refill, of the following sizes: Cube, 3.9kg Propane and 4.5kg Butane – which are popular in particular with campervanners – as well as the 6Lite Propane and 12kg Butane cylinders.

Calor cited a need to reduce complexity in its supply chain as the reason for streamlining its offering, and has suggested alternatives within its range – a full explanation with advice is available at calor.co.uk/cylinder-range-faq.

Our Technical Team has issued advice and guidance on how this change, and the challenges it poses campers, might impact members – you can read more on page 70 of this issue.

Club Director of Commercial Insight Geoff Coupe said: “We are in discussion with gas cylinder suppliers as part of our campsite retail offering on our Club Site network, and will share more on this in the coming months.”

Visit the Calor website for the full story.