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Calor Gas

Calor Gas BBQ gas.

What to do

  • Check over your BBQ, gas bottle and hose for any sign of damage before use
  • Change gas bottles outdoors, away from any sources of ignition
  • Make sure that the hose is properly attached before igniting the BBQ
  • Keep children and pets away from the cooking area
  • Turn off the regulator first after cooking, to ensure any residual gas in the hose is used up
  • Clean the BBQ and ensure any fat or oil deposits are removed from the hose and gas bottle before storing them
  • Ensure the BBQ has cooled down before attempting to move it

What not to do

  • Use a BBQ indoors; including inside a tent or marquee
  • Put combustable materials such as umbrellas near a BBQ
  • Position the gas bottle under the BBQ – to the side is fine
  • Smoke whilst changing the gas bottles or operating the BBQ
  • Use a BBQ on unlevel or shaky ground
  • Leave the BBQ, hotplate or grill unattended
  • Move the BBQ whilst it is alight
  • Leave the regulator in the ‘On’ position whilst the BBQ is not in use.