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Caravan Import .

2nd February 2017

Caravan import

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There’s a “right way” to import a caravan………and that’s really the “only way” to import a caravan.We receive a lot of inquiries from people interested in bringing in their own caravan, either from Europe, the UK, or the USA.

At SEA GO we pride ourselves in ensuring we make your import as straightforward and hassle free as possible. No hidden costs, and with our expertise, avoidance of unnecessary charges at point of origin, or destination.

Please help us by providing the following information to enable us to offer services specific to your requirements.

1. Where is the caravan now? Please provide origin details, including zip/post code. The cost of bringing the caravan to an exit port is an integral part of the process, and overall costing. Sometimes the seller will offer to deliver to a depot or an exit port for loading,  or we can arrange to collect the caravan for you.

Once at the wharf, there are three ways to ship your caravan, and it all depends on the size of the unit:

(i)   Containerised (for caravans up to 7 feet 3 inches in width)

(ii)  Flat Rack (for caravans up to 8 feet 6 inches in width)

(iii) Roll on Roll off (for caravans of any size, measured and shipped by cubic volume, calculated in metric,
Length x Width x Height). Please advise details on the following:

2. The make, model, and dimensions of the caravan, including weight

Australian Quarantine regulations are the strictest in the world. We can arrange cleaning prior to shipment if required, and used units require compulsory quarantine inspection on arrival, and possible further cleaning. Our aim is to minimize or avoid unnecessary costs.

3.  Is the caravan used or new? If used, does it require cleaning prior to shipping?

Department of Environment Australia also has strict regulations in place for any type of vehicle import. For caravans in particular: (http://www.environment.gov.au/atmosphere/ozone/licences/vehicle-import.html).

4.  Does your caravan have air conditioning, a refrigerator, and/or gas bottles fitted?

Department of transport requirements:

5.  DOTARS requires an import approval for caravans, prior to the caravans arriving into Australia. (http://www.environment.gov.au/atmosphere/ozone/licences/vehicle-import.html)

6. Australian Arrival costs

You have shipped your caravan from the overseas, so what fees can you expect on arrival?

Applicable to all foreign imports are the following:

–  Shipping Line Wharf Fees (Port Service Charges)

–  Customs Clearance Fees

–  Quarantine Inspection fees

–  Import GST 10% cost of goods + freight

–  Import Duty 5% costs of goods + freight.

(Please note: some countries are exempt from Duty)

Once the quarantine inspection has taken place, the following can occur:

A. Your caravan passes inspection, and it can be collected from the wharf.

B. Your caravan does not pass inspection, and it will be moved to an approved cleaning depot on the wharf, cleaned as per quarantine instructions, re-inspected, and if passed, can be collected from the depot.

SEA GO will do whatever we can to avoid extra costs incurred on arrival, which is based largely on how clean the units are prior to shipping from the origin port.

Cleaning in Australia is costly and although this is sometimes unavoidable, these costs can be drastically reduced if handled properly at origin..

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