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Four Reasons to Take a Caravan Holiday in the UK

25th July 2012

Blackpool offers a great destination for a 'staycation'.

There are many reasons to take a caravan holiday in the UK, and here are just four of the main ones:

Caravan holidays are economical.

Caravan holidays are more economical than staying in a hotel. Whether you have your own caravan or are renting one from a holiday park, a used caravan will work out to be less expensive than most other forms of holiday accommodation. Not only this, but most caravans come equipped with a full range of mod cons, so it will be like holidaying in your own home. You won’t need to buy expensive meals as self catering means that you cook what you want, when you want. Furthermore there will not be the expensive mini bar bill at the end of your stay, or any of the other pricey ‘extras’ that are familiar to most hotel stays.

Home from home.

As mentioned above, when you choose to take a caravan holiday you are literally ‘home from home’. You have access to all the amenities that you are normally used to; shower, kitchen, toilet etc and in some cases much more if you stay on a well equipped caravan site. There are many holiday parks and caravan sites which provide a club house and pool and other forms of entertainment including shops for provisions, and bars etc. Not only this, but such resorts can be found in some of the choicest locations throughout the UK. Holiday parks and resorts can also provide a great sense of community which is often not tangible when staying in hotels, giving you the opportunity to meet other holiday makers and making new friends; providing you with a fun and memorable holiday.

Flexibility and independence.

With a caravan you have the flexibility and independence to do as you please at times suitable for you. A self catering caravan holiday means that you can dine when you want; you are not restricted to restaurant opening hours. With a caravan holiday you do things at your own pace. Another advantage of course, if you have your own caravan, is that if you do not like your location, you can just move to another one

Access to the great outdoors.

On a caravan holiday you have immediate access to the great outdoors without being ‘exposed’ to the great outdoors. This is a key consideration when deciding whether to take a camping or caravan holiday. Most holiday tents do not provide adequate protection in inclement weather, and unless you are an avid outdoor adventure expert, things could become uncomfortable quite quickly. However, in a fully equipped caravan with all mod cons, your game of Scrabble will not be disturbed by the vagaries of an English summer.

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