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Going to the Olympics? Consider Staying In A Caravan!

13th June 2012

With the London 2012 Olympics just over a month away, the excitement surrounding the games is reaching fever pitch. Thousands of people logged onto the ticketing website to get their chance to catch a glimpse of Usain Bolt as he thunders down the track or our own multi-talented Jessica Ennis as she guns for gold.

What many won’t have considered at the time, however, is where they will stay for the duration of the event. Being a global event, hotels in the city have been booked up for months with prices rising due to massive demand (as English supporters going to this month’s European Championships have also found out!).

A caravan is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when looking for somewhere to stay in London, yet should be taken into consideration by anyone struggling to find space in the city for a reasonable price.

We found this fantastic infographic from the Camping and Caravanning Club, which shows various caravan sites around the city (as well as places to stay if you fancy following the torch route beforehand!)

As you can see, there are plenty of sites to take advantage of during the Games and any caravan enthusiasts should consider getting themselves booked in now to ensure they have a place to stay.

All of the sites offer great public transport links, which means you won’t have to use majorly gridlocked roads and potentially miss an event! Staying in a caravan means you have all your own facilities too, meaning you don’t have to use pricey restaurants or hotel services.

Even if you don’t own a caravan, it’s worth considering. North Western Caravans offers a range of used caravans for extremely reasonable prices, a perfect option for the first time buyer. Buying a caravan may seem costly, but it represents a long-term investment over the hundreds (or even thousands) you may spend on accommodation at the Games and on future holidays!

Alternatively, you could consider renting or borrowing a caravan from a friend. Either way for Olympic accommodation, the caravan definitely takes the gold medal!