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Gary Kirshaw Sterling Eccles Jewel SR

17th February 2012

gary kirshaw

Dear Alan

RE: Purchase of Eccles Jewel Caravan.

We would like to express our thanks for the delivery of our new Sterling Eccles Jewel. We have just returned form the Cotswolds, our first outing in it and it is an absolute delight. It is certainly the best caravan we have had of the five vans we have purchased from you over the years. We are especially pleased with the sunroof option which, along with the very pleasing interior furnishings, adds immensely to the caravan experience. The practical advice you have given in terms of additional features and accessories, including security features, will enhance the use of our caravan and prove to be cost effective. We have appreciated the prompt and courteous responses in person and over the phone from you, Emma and your staff with regard to any of our concerns and queries.

We can thoroughly recommend North Western Caravans to any prospective purchaser, knowing that they would be getting a first-class, value for money service.