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Top Tips for Reversing a Caravan

27th July 2012


So you’ve shoved all your luggage into the boot, you’ve locked the front door, loaded the kids into the back seat and you’re making your way to the holiday destination of your choice. You gamely navigate the motorways and A roads, towing your accommodation behind you. You could be forgiven for thinking that the worst is over when you gleefully reach the caravan park and pull in. Unfortunately, for many people, the act of reversing their new or used caravan into its space is one that causes great distress at the end of a long day’s driving. Luckily, this needn’t be the case for you. Read on for some top tips on how to reverse your caravan with consummate ease and no hassle.

Line of sight
Let’s start with the basics: the most important thing to ensure when reversing a caravan is that you have a clear view of where you are, and where you’re going. The standard extended wing mirrors that you will have fitted for towing the caravan will help in this regard, but you might also consider purchasing a specialised camera system. This piece of kit can really help out and is simple to set up, with a rear mounted camera transmitting images to a monitor on your dashboard. A reversing camera system deployed in this way is a great advantage in allowing you to avoid any unexpected bumps and scrapes. These systems can be found at all major motor shops.

The manoeuvre
Once you have a clear view of your target spot, it all comes down to steering. The first thing to remember is that you must turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to what you would if you were reversing the car on its own.

Perhaps the most common mistake made when reversing a caravan is over-steering, so, go slowly and don’t overreact if the caravan moves slightly off line, this can usually be corrected with only a small turn of the wheel. It’s important to be patient as well; there will be a delay between you turning the wheel and the caravan reacting to it.

Remember also, if the caravan gets into an awkward position, it can be easier to pull forward and start again, rather than persevering with the manoeuvre.

Reversing a caravan can be a stressful experience but, if you remember to be patient and follow these tips, you’ll be settling in and enjoying your holiday in no time.