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Caretta Calypso 4.


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Year: 2022

Layout: fixed rear bunks

Dimensions: 4.81x2.05x2.33 (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 750kg

Warranty: YES

MIRO: 680kg

Payload: 70kg


Caretta Calypso 4.

We have designed the Caretta Uncle for you to find the warmth of your home at all times . You can now start traveling all over the world in four seasons. Our model, which provides maximum efficiency in minimum space with a capacity of 4 people under 750 kg, will become your indispensable with many finely thought out details. Thanks to your double bunk beds, your children can create a space of their own. You can shape your caravan with the extras you want and make it most suitable for you and your family. ‘ Caravan Only Used in Summer‘ we are destroying their rhetoric! You won’t have to worry about all your summer and winter holidays. While you continue to socialize in your camping and caravan life, your home will be one step away from you. In addition, you can now set off without worrying about your children and pets. Get ready for all your experiences to change with our secure lock systems, comfortable living space and Caretta Uncle that you can use for many years.

Why Caretta Uncle?

Concept, Durability and Comfort

  • It will not burden you, it is economical and ergonomic.
  • Lie down on your bunk bed without disturbing your seating group. You have the refrigerator positioned at the same level as you and plenty of stock space.
  • Choose the one that best suits your vehicle from 4 different body colors and the one you like from your interior trim color combinations, that’s all you have to do.
  • In short, your home is behind you, the world is in front of you.

Price drop down to £16500 from £18045
Caretta Calypso 4
The spacious interior features a wide bed and a bunk bed for 2. Perfect for those requiring that extra luxury after an enjoyable day.

Is being offered from North Western Caravans.

This lightweight 4 berth caravan weighing 750kg is ideal for couples. Tow-able by small cars without the need of a  license and easy to store. Well appointed and well built in the manufacturers Turkish factory Available in White – Grey – Champagne

Standard Specification-

Fuse box – 3 x 13 amp sockets- Shades and nets to kitchen – Interior LED lights – Alloy rims and tyres – Dometic ventillation with nets 40x40cm – Bunk beds – French bed (2 person) – Table with Sofa set – Shower and Toilet cabinet – LED Signals – ALKO brakes with 1000kg axle – ALKO Corner steady – Matress Curtains Upholstery – 13 pin towing socket – Single burner hob.

Fitted Extras-

Front window

Front Window
Gas Bottle Holder, Strap &
Truma Therma TT Hot Water
1 Year White Goods Warranty
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Gas Pipe Fitting with Regulator
Cloth upholstery
Mains Electric
Onboard Fresh Water Tank