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Lunar Clubman SB 2016



Year: 2016

Layout: fixed single beds rear washroom

Dimensions: 7.36x2.28x2.65m (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1460kg

Warranty: YES

MIRO: 1305kg

Payload: 155kg


Lunar Clubman SB 2016

Full review

CARAVANS with single beds are usually thought of as being mainly for couples. But here’s one that’s as much of a family caravan as one for the empty-nesters.

This is why: The Clubman SB (yes, it does stand for Single Beds) has a versatility that, in honesty, only became apparent to us during our test; we hadn’t spotted its flexibility of use when we first saw this caravan at Lunar’s new-model launch event.

Its two fully-domestic-dimension single beds sit just behind the axle. At the back of the caravan is the washroom. That means the bedroom-en suite is cohesive. It also means that children could sleep on the two singles and parents could take the double that makes up in the lounge; they’d have a lounge-kitchen living area of more than adequate size after the kids had gone to bed.

Think of it a few years on. The teenagers need beds of full adult size. They also want privacy from parents; the dark brown pleated partition gives more privacy than paler versions.

They’ll love the shower-dressing area with enough cupboards and shelving to satisfy grooming demands.

So, we’ve established the fact that the SB can ably fulfil the needs of a growing-up family. But how about its assumed primary role? Yes, luxury for couples who prefer to sleep singly.

Some caravanners say fixed beds are a waste of day space. Again, quality test-time spent with this caravan revealed something that dispels space-waste theories.

These single beds are daytime settees, loungers, chaise longues – call them what you will, they’re perfect for putting your feet up.