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Lunar Clubman SB 2016



Year: 2016

Layout: Rear washroom twin single beds

Dimensions: 7.33x2.33x2.59 (LxWxH)

Colour: White

MTPLM: 1450kg

Warranty: YES

MIRO: 1296kg

Payload: 154kg


Lunar Clubman SB 2016


This is one very classy caravan. From its chromed grab handles to its glossy cream locker doors, it oozes luxury. That new ‘Skyview’ rooflight really does make a difference inside too, and is a great improvement on its predecessor, and of course it allows for the retention of useful storage space.

The light and neutral seat fabrics are well complemented by the pale blue curtains and scatter cushions. Even the lounge’s upper corner lights have been made into a feature. Lunar Clubman SB 2016


So, if you’re in the market for a top-end caravan with a rear fixed double bed, the Lunar Clubman SE really does deserve to be on your shortlist.



Classy but restrained styling
Feeling of spaciousness
Well-chosen fabrics
‘Skyview’ rooflight allows for the retention of storage space
Well thought-out caravan with attention to detail
Alde heating

Lunar Clubman SB 2016


This is one very classy caravan. From its chromed grab handles to its glossy cream locker doors, it oozes luxury

The Lunar Clubman SE was first introduced for the 2010 season, and it was an immediate hit. It’s not hard to see why. Here was an upmarket caravan built on a single axle that boasted things like Alde heating, a side fixed-bed and an end washroom, but weighing in at under 1500kg.

Fast forward to 2016, and the latest Lunar Clubman SE really does cut a dash. Its restrained but contemporary looking bodyshell is complemented by discreet graphics and two-tone alloy wheels. Move inside, and there’s a real feeling of space, helped no doubt by the new (and much larger) ‘Skyview’ rooflight, cream-coloured locker doors and light-coloured fabrics. You’re left in no doubt that this is a top-end tourer.

The 2016 Lunar Clubman SE is most likely to appeal to discerning couples. Let’s take a close look.  Lunar Clubman SB 2016

Pitching & Setting-up

The Clubman SE has the usual Al-Ko AKS3004 stabiliser hitch, and Al-Ko’s ATC stability control, as you’d expect at this level, and for 2016 there are self-adjusting brakes.

The front locker is simply massive, and the lid cleverly cantilevers up and out of the way to give you unrestricted access to this useful storage space.

The heavy-duty corner steadies are easy to access, and there’s a step-on A-frame in the Lunar Clubman SE.

On the nearside, there’s an external gas BBQ point, and a mains socket inside a wet locker. You’ll also find access to the storage space under the fixed-bed on the nearside.

The offside has the mains/battery locker (and TV satellite connection), and a pair of easily accessible waste water outlets. Worthy of mention is an offside services light, which saves fumbling about in the dark when the water runs out.

The main electrical controls are in a smart bespoke panel above the entrance door. Lunar Clubman SB 2016


The Lunar Clubman SE has a decent-sized lounge for this layout, where four can sit and dine in comfort. During the day, light simply floods in through that new ‘Skyview’ rooflight; it really is huge. At night, lighting is taken care of by a plethora of LED lights.

Having resisted the temptation to go down the sunroof route, Lunar has retained useful front overhead lockers, and it’s in here that you’ll find the radio/CD with iPod connection. Those overhead lockers look very classy too, with their cream facias, complemented by the ‘Montana Oak’ trim.

The main table is stored right next to the lounge area, making it easy to get out just when you need it.

There are no less than three TV points in the Lunar Clubman SE, each with satellite dish connection. One is on the wide front shelf, with the second the dresser unit next to the entrance door. The third is in the bed area.

It’s all very luxurious!


The Clubman SE has a kitchen befitting a top-end model, so it goes without saying that it comes with a dual-fuel hob, separate oven and grill, and a good sized Dometic fridge/freezer.

A microwave is sited above the dresser opposite the kitchen unit at a sensible 1.3m above the floor.

A removable drainer adds to the work surface area, and that is further helped by a flip-up extension. New for 2016 is the stainless-steel sink.

Kitchen storage is good in the Lunar Clubman SE. There are three overhead lockers (with back-lit surround for 2016), a large cupboard in the main unit with a cutlery drawer, two pull-out baskets, and a pan cupboard beneath the cooker.

During the day, that huge rooflight floods the kitchen with sunshine and also helps with ventilation. Once again, artificial lighting is excellent.

Only the chef is missing.


Like the rest of the caravan, the washroom has a light and airy feel. An opaque widow sits on the sidewall behind the Thetford electric flush toilet, and there’s a mini-Heki in the roof above the sink area.

The compact sink is adequate for washroom duties, and sits atop a cupboard unit. There’s a very long back-lit mirror above the sink, which makes a nice feature. However, there aren’t any shelves around the sink area, which might seem like a glaring omission.

The fully lined and stylish shower cubicle is a very good size indeed, and is accessed via a large single-piece door. There are shelves in there, and usefully there’s a rail for hanging wet towels in there too.

Artificial lighting is good too, and operated by a single pull-cord.


The rear fixed-bed is one of the main attractions of this layout, so we’ll start here. At 1.88m x 1.39m it’s a pretty good size and should cater for most. As is the norm with this layout though, there is a cut-off corner to facilitate access to the washroom, and there’s also another smaller one at the head end.

It’s good to see that each occupant has a small corner shelf and a reading light. There’s also a TV point at the foot of the bed for those lazy mornings.

At the front, the single bunks are 1.65m x 0.73m (nearside) and 1.65m x 0.73m (offside). These bunk beds aren’t really long enough for adults, but they do convert into a front double bed using pull-out slats. It’s not that large, being 2.10m x 1.25m, but we suspect that using the front double bed will very much be an exception. If you do have visitors though, they each get their own reading light.


The 2016 Lunar Clubman SE has loads of storage space. There’s a lovely big void under the main bed, and an almost clear front nearside bunk base. The offside bunk contains the Alde boiler and other electrical equipment, so can’t really be used.

Up above, there are six overhead lockers in the lounge (four of which are shelved), and of course there’s the front chest with its drawers.

We’ve covered the kitchen elsewhere, but there’s also the dresser, which has a large drawer and cupboard at its base, and another overhead locker above the microwave.

Three huge overhead lockers are in the bedroom area, as is the wardrobe that sits above three drawers and a drop-down flap. There are four shelves next to the wardrobe, and adjacent to the large feature mirror.

As well as the cupboard in the base of the sink unit in the washroom, there’s another above the window.

Technical Specifications

Berth 4
MiRO 1296 kg
Payload 154 kg
MTPLM 1450 kg
Shipping Length 7.32 m
Width 2.33 m